Astro Locality Reading

Your Astrological Map on the world.  Looking for the best place to go on holiday, where to move,  write your novel?  
Your astro locality reading will look at the meaning that different places in the the world hold for you.

Relationship/Synastry Hororscopes

A reading comparing the  relationship between you and somebody else;    in love, business, family, or friends.  This is useful for understanding even other and  helping to resolve differences and improve the good stuff. 

Electional Astrology

The art of electional astrology is to choose the most appropriate time to launch  a  particular event, project or business giving you the best possible outcome.

A Natal Horoscope Reading

I look at your personal birth chart and the trends over the next six months. This  is particularly useful if you're trying to resolve emotional issues, getting intouch with your true purpose,  putting into perpective the events and world around you.

Putting you at the centre of your universe


All my readings are £90.00 for an hour.   They can with done either in person or over Skype.  I  record the session on to MP3 for you to down load immediately afterwards.